Karate-do masters arrive

The presence of prominent karate-do masters, together in Panama for the first time to share their knowledge in a two-day seminar, will be of great importance to youth in this discipline who are learning both kata and kumite techniques.

The first lessons will be given today at the Bella Vista Hall in the hotel El Panama as part of the celebration of the 8th SKIF Pan-American Championship 2013.

Key masters include Hiroshi Ishikawa, eighth dan and SKIF founder in America; Shinji Tanaka, sixth dan and nine-time winner of the National Championship in the individual category; and Clay Morton, SKIF world champion at Tokyo, Japan in 2006.

The first two, together with Beto Boutet, organizer of the VIII SKIF Pan American Championship 2013, made a courtesy visit yesterday to the editorial group El Siglo La Estrella, where they announced important aspects of the seminars and the tournament.

Ishikawa broadly outlined the teaching cycle and went in-depth on the objectives of the seminars.

Boutet stated that they expect more than 400 participants, and the delegations will begin arriving on Tuesday.

He reiterated that the grand stature of the parties involved would make history, as it will be the first time a show of this magnitude will take place.

Source: www.laestrella.com.pa