Strolling the streets of Old Town

The streets of Old Town tell the story of a city under restoration, evident by noisy machines at work and the debut of new architectural structures. All this we could see on the friendly tour given to us by the American Trade Hall, the upcoming event hall and the feature attraction of what will be the American Trade Hotel.

Upon their arrival in Panama they breathed new life into 5 old buildings that were already rooted in a history that traced back to the era of the Panama Canal, a project financed by what was at that time called The National City Bank of New York.

This historical-cultural environment provides a panoramic view of what was once the fortress that shielded this ancient city, its numerous historical buildings, restaurants, galleries, museums, and concert halls. Located just 10 minutes from the city's banking and hotel zone, this site is easily accessible for visitors.

Source: Yaricel Góndola