Celebrating St. John the Baptist in Chitré

'Oh John, oh John' is heard cried out in the streets of Chitré as the townspeople prepare to celebrate with much cheer and faith the festival of their patron saint St. John the Baptist.

The image of San Juan Bautista, which adorns the entrance to houses and decorations of red on behalf of Chitré festivity can be seen through every street of the district.
The San Juan in Chitre is a sign of devotion, faith, custom and traditions of the people carried out for 173 years.
Miguel Pérez, public relations of the Festival Board, said that these festivities are to commemorate the birth of San Juan Bautista as patron of the district.
He explained that the history dates back to July 22, 1840, when Matías Rodríguez and his brother Francisquito brought the image of San Juan Bautista to the port El Pinalorito, today puerto El Agallito.
Daniel González, who resides in Chitré, recalled as the San Juan festivities held before and mentioned that they have changed a little, but that we need to grow it in children so don't miss this celebration.
Today, Friday is the traditional tuna of horses stick with children. Chitré, Manuel Solís, Mayor and the Board of celebration gave horses all stations in the region to be drawn and children to participate and thus maintain the tradition and custom.
Tomorrow they will receive Santa María La Antigua and the afternoon search of San Juan to the port of El Agallito.
Both images will be taken out in procession.
Sunday will be the folk walk by the streets of Chitre, at 10:00 in the morning.
Source: www.elsiglo.com