Panama Oeste

The province of Panama is home to Panama City, the capital and largest city in size and population in the Republic. Its grand attractions include the Panama Canal, forest parks, reserve areas, beautiful islands, and a vast diversity in every sense.

Among the tourist attractions found in the province of Panama are:

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In the first two months of 2014, the tourism sector in Panama received a total of 455,640 visitors from the various ports of entry, representing a 3.5% increase over the same period last year and an additional 15,589 travelers.

Iberia will be augmenting its air connectivity from Madrid to Panama to six frequencies starting on Monday, June 2nd, and as of Sunday, July 6th there will be daily flights.

Sure! One of the many surprises Panama has in store for you is being able to go fishing in its capital city, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, 'Panama' in the Indian language means 'abundance of fish'.

Accommodations in Panama range from the most economic hostels favored by backpackers to boutique hotels.

In Panama there are seven ethnic groups, and five comarcas, or indigenous districts, have been legally created.

On August 15, 1914, the first ship sailed from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal. Exactly one hundred years later, this canal is one of the major shipping lanes in the world, and also for the cruise line Star Clippers.

Any time of the year is suitable to visit Panama, since the climate is no hindrance and there is always plenty to do. The climate in the city is hot and temperatures can range from 26° C to 35° C.

All of the activities, from going to the beaches, bird watching, shopping, hiking around the mountains or spending a few days with the indigenous communities, can be done throughout the year.


The New York Yankees visited Panama and played the Miami Marlins twice at Rod Carew Stadium. More than 40,000 people attended these Major League games, which also honored the superstar Mariano Rivera.

With the Spaniard Pere Riba's triumph last night, the ATP Challenger Visit Panama Cup came to a close on the Fred Maduro tennis complexes in Curundú.