What did you like most about our country?

The Panama Canal and the people's customs. 

Una de las grandes proezas de la humanidad, fue la construcción del Canal de Panamá, registrada en la historia el 15 de Agosto de 1914 como el punto estratégico comercial más importante del mundo. El Canal de Panamá une al Mar Caribe y al Océano Pacífico en el punto más estrecho del Istmo de Panamá, permitiendo a las navieras ahorrar semanas en el tráfico de mercancías, ya que antiguamente debían cruzar el Estrecho de Magallanes -las aguas más peligrosas del planeta.

Panama has become very popular destination with many places to visit across the country. A major draw is that Panama has beautiful, antique chapels that retain an enigmatic feel of former eras in their structures, such as the Iglesia del Carmen, located in the heart of Vía España. 

Facilities, equipment, security, and personalized service are just some of the criteria for a tourist selecting the route and activities that will offer the experience, affinity, and attraction to make it a successful trip.


Congo dancing arose among blacks on the coasts of Colón Province during the era of slavery. The colorful and contagious dance reflects the sentiments of the enslaved through corporal expressions of struggle and eroticism.


For six days, BOOKS take center stage of this festival that makes the vastest selection of publications available to the public. National and international authors are also invited to enrich the cultural and professional agenda of the fair.

Panama offers great opportunities to start a profitable business, which is why many multinational companies are taking advantage of the country's economic growth to expand their operations. 

On June 11th we will be visited by the CEO of the airline VivaColombia, which will inaugurate its Bogotá-Panamá-Bogotá and Medellín-Panamá-Medellín flights this August 1st.

The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) played a major role in the reception and meetings held by the Panama Olympic Committee (COP) for the ODECABE delegation, who were on an inspection visit to Panama to choose the country that will host the next XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018.

Passengers on Copa Airlines' first flight from Montreal bound for Panama were surprised by the airline's welcome festivities held in honor of this occasion.