We toured the city dubbed ‘the Dubai of Latin America’ or ‘Little Miami’, in search of the best in Spanish fashion.

Panama is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in the world. It is also a rich mine of opportunities for European companies. The ever-changing capital of Panama City is an accurate reflection of the country. Over the last five years Panama has grown annually by 10%. This small country of 3,600,000 inhabitants is among the top five best performers among world economies.

In the last couple months a group of tourists from Europe came to visit Panama, specifically to see the Panama Canal in person. They told us about their experience in the country.

¿Qué es lo que te gusta de nuestro país?

El canal de Panamá.

This year, Panama — the southernmost country in Central America — won by recently making it easier to move there. Normally, you can get a Panamanian visa if you receive a pension of at least $1,000 a month; Social Security qualifies. 

Panama is a country with high diversity, large companies, and a burgeoning local businesses scene. 

Los comercios en Panamá son muy variados, sobre todo en el sector textil y electrodomésticos, existe una variedad de Malls y almacenes en la ciudad, en lugares cómodos y seguros como ser: Albrook Mall, Multicentro, Metromall, Westland Mall y otros.

Riding a boat through the Panama Canal is the ultimate experience on a visit to Panama. You can go on either a partial trip or a complete circuit, and both routes may be done in the reverse direction. The full route crosses Gatún Lake until reaching the Gatún Locks, where the ship is lowered to the level of the Atlantic Ocean.

What do you like about our country?

I loved Bocas del Toro; it's the best. 

What did you like most about our country?

The Panama Canal and the people's customs.