Historical Facts

After the Panamanian flag was adopted, the Interim Governing Board announced a competition for national artists to present designs for what would be the new nation's coat of arms. Among hundreds of models, the coat of arms designed by Nicolás Villalaz and painted by his brother Sebastián Villalaz was chosen. It was approved in 1904 and has been used officially ever since.

The National Anthem of Panama was adopted as a national symbol by Law 34 on December 15, 1949, along with the National Flag and Coat of Arms. Despite being a national symbol, it was not officially celebrated until Law 71 on November 11, 1955 established November 1st as the Day of the National Anthem.


Date: November 3, 1903, Panama City.


Date: November 5, 1903 in the Province of Colón

In the year 1903, Panama had achieved complete independence from Colombia, but in reality this was not true; Colón remained embattled by the Shooters battalion of the Colombian troops. 


Date of Panama's Independence from Spain: November 28, 1821.

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