The information booth of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) in Valle de Antón recorded a total of 9,795 tourist consultations in 2013, of which approximately 52.1% were by foreigners. 

Panama has climbed to 6th place in the Ranking of the Americas by the International Congress and Convention Association, an entity that highlighted the 60 congresses and conventions held in Panama City that boosted the country ten places higher than in 2012, when it was ranked 36th. This was the topic Caribbean News Digital (CND) Panama discussed with the Panama Tourism Authority's Deputy Minister, Ernesto Orillac.

The first version of the 2014 Gamboa Fishing Tournament was a complete success.

With the aim of continuing to strengthen trade ties with Barbados, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama, Francisco Álvarez De Soto, held a meeting this past April 30th with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Barbados, Maxine McClean, as part of the 6th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and to discuss issues of common interest.

The 5.6% growth in tourism activity in Panama during 2013 is considered "very satisfactory" to the Deputy Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, Ernesto Orillac, according to official reports.