Artisanal fishermen and boatmen in the Gulf of Montijo, on the Pacific coast of Veraguas Province, now have a new opportunity to launch a small business and earn income from responsible ecotourism, a way to enjoy the sea without jeopardizing its natural resources or the ecosystem.

Air connectivity and the home port for cruise ships provide a great advantage to the tourism industry in Panama. These are part of the logistics infrastructure being promoted internationally in marketing the country brand of Panama as a tourist destination, said businessmen in the tourism sector.
Panama is a diverse country with great natural and ecological riches. Thanks to its geography, Panama has the second greatest biodiversity in the Americas, which is conserved in nine national parks. Three of these have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: La Amistad, Coiba and Darién.
Pituka Ortega Heilbron, director of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama), reflects on how the event has managed to grow in two years and attained a following that exceeds their expectations.
On Easter Sunday yesterday, at the St. Francis of Assisi church in the district of Dolega, Chiriquí province, the traditional "Race of the Saints" was run by the parishioners.