In her year thus far as Panama's ambassador in London, Ana Irene Delgado has succeeded in promoting our country. Last year she invited the Panamanian chef Mario Castrellón to put on the first Panamanian Food Festival. “He exhibited Panamanian dishes at the Hilton Hotel in London, and everyone had the opportunity to really discover what Panamanian food is like. It was so well-received, that they were asking him when he would open a restaurant there,” recalled Delgado.
A report from the Comptroller General's Office informed that in January this year 245,000 passengers entered the country at Tocumen International Airport, cruise ports and the border crossing at Paso Canoas.

Starting today, the Fred Maduro sports complex will host the Panama Bowl, an international tennis tournament.

The event awards points towards the world rankings of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Filipino boxers John Mark Apolinario and Johnriel Casimero will land in Panama this coming Tuesday, March 12.

Apolinario is the rival of Panamanian Roberto 'The Spider' Vásquez, who will duke it out to claim the World Bantamweight Interim title of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Meanwhile, Casimero, the Junior Flyweight World Champion of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), will take on the Panamanian Luis 'White Bread' Ríos.

A team of researchers has unearthed fossilized remains of caimans, a reptile in the alligator family, in Panamanian rocks dated over 19 million years old, according to an article published yesterday in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

The emergence of the isthmus of Panama some 2.6 million years ago formed a land bridge which, according to scientists, was crucial for the interchange of animals between North and South America.