For many domestic and foreign tourists, the province of Chiriquí is an idyllic paradise. The diverse landscapes, from beaches and rivers to mountains, combined with a pleasant climate, make it the perfect place to have a good time. 

Idu Ribeiro, president of the Tourism Committee of the Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the city's 2,000 rooms, whether in hotels, hostels, cabins or lodges, are 100% full during the San José de David Carnival and Fair.

Originally scheduled for October 2014, the inauguration of the expanded Panama Canal is going to be delayed “due to problems in the quality of concrete utilized, among other reasons,” as stated in official sources.

Jorge Luis Quijano, Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), has confirmed that construction of the third set of locks on the waterway will conclude in April 2015, undoubtedly due to the delays the public works has suffered.

The famous Melting Pot fairs organized by the National Immigration Service will continue throughout 2013, with the first fair of this year slated for the month of May, informed Anabel Ávila, an official at the immigration entity.
The new lock on the Atlantic, which is furthest along in the expansion project, would be the first to operate, and a cruise could be the first ship to pass through, Panama Canal Authority (ACP) administrator Jorge Luis Quijano said yesterday. Speaking at the Panama Maritime XI Conference on the expansion project, Quijano gave an update that the entire public works is nearly 53% completed.
With over 25 fair tents from various rural communities and the support of government entities, the XXXII National Orange Fair in Churuquita Chiquita, in northern Penonomé, starts today.