Residents of Guararé have already begun to enjoy the festivities in commemoration of the 133rd anniversary of the foundation of the district on January 21. The activity began yesterday with a caravan that left the main square of Plaza de Toros at 5:00 pm. On this anniversary date, Johana Iturralde Díaz was chosen as Miss January 21 and queen of the celebration.

For an enjoyable time with family, sampling the stuffed fried fish, cod fritters, fruit sweets and isinglass gelatin, visit the Grand XXXII Afro-Caribbean Fair 2013 at Mi Pueblito, on the slopes of Ancón Hill.
Before January 31, the bill that seeks to raise the status of the Parade of a Thousand Polleras to law will be presented to the plenary of the National Assembly. This document is now being prepared by the organizing committee of the event, led by government deputy Carlos "Tito" Afú.
After having received 2.1 million tourists in 2012, the first projections for 2013 indicate that tourism in Panama will grow by 10% during the current year. The private sector and government authorities base their estimates on a recovery in the cruise industry, which fell 28% during 2012. This was one of the reasons why the goal of receiving 2.2 million tourists was not reached last year.
Yesterday a group of Canadians visited different melon crops in the province of Los Santos, showing their interest in exporting this product to Canada.