Archaeologists working at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama have discovered a cluster of 12 unusual stones behind a prehistoric rock-shelter near the town of Boquete. The cache represents the earliest material evidence of shamanistic practice in lower Central America.
At the Party Zone on the Amador Causeway, the flag of "Carnival of the City, Discovery 2013" was hoisted up into a sunny sky. The Carnival culecos, or water trucks, were on hand to cool off the summer crowds in the way that Panamanians do best. 
Cumbia, concursos de junta de embarre, chupadera de naranja, trapiches rompepecho, décimas y acordeón infantil, bailes tamboritos, comidas típicas, productos agrícolas y artesanales, y por supuesto, muchas naranjas y otros cítricos derrochó el Festival de la Naranja, actividad que finalizó ayer en la comunidad de Churuquita Grande. 
For 23 years the town of El Nance, in the district of San Carlos, has celebrated its Lobster Festival, an activity admired by domestic and foreign tourists that aims to exalt the arduous work of fishermen on these shores.

The president of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, attended the reopening of Enrique Malek International Airport in the city of David.

Near the new air strip, the president underscored that the project will help develop the tourism industry, support agricultural exporters and allow for more places of employment in this region of the country.