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World-class tennis

The Ecuadorian Fabricio Valdivieso confirmed yesterday that so far 80 players from across the world have registered in the tournament.

For the second year in a row, Panama will host the ATP Challenger Visit Panama Cup, an event that will convene world-ranking professional players from around the globe.

Second date of National Surf Circuit on March 23 and 24

On Wednesday, March 21, a press conference on the second date of the National Surf Circuit Copa Quiksilver was held at Morrillo Beach. Seated at the table of honor were Patrick Castagnet, a Quiksilver surfer, Alirio Carles, president of the Panamanian Surfing Association (APS), Raúl Stanford, head coach of the APS and Marco Galindo, from the Felipe Motta wine store. They discussed the four categories of competition that will be set for the surfing events throughout the year and also commented on the swell direction and possible beach alternatives should the conditions turn unfavorable.

The organizers of the construction event promise this year to set into motion transactions worth $250 million dollars.

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) hopes to exceed the goal of $250 million dollars at its annual exhibition event, CAPAC Habitat Expo 2013, which this year will be held from September 11 to 15.

A varied climate, beautiful scenery, breathtaking mountains, charming beaches and historical structures are just some of the many attractions that Chiriquí offers to national and foreign visitors.

Boquete, Volcán, Cerro Punta and David are the main tourist sites that strike the interest of those visitors who come looking for a place to enjoy nature, but not so rustic that they aren't equipped with basic services.

In the last three years, $2.6 million dollars have been invested in projects that make up part of the tourism master plan for 2007-2020.

Of the total 71 projects that have been implemented, standouts include the production of tourist maps, placement of signs for tourists in heavily-visited areas and construction of infrastructure for basic needs, like public restrooms in such national parks as Campana and Chagres.