The melodious songs and graceful yet acrobatic leaps in the middle of the ocean are part of the male whale's courtship gestures to draw attention and impress the female, who chooses the male with the best display as part of their mating ceremony. 

With a privileged location in the heart of Panama City, this new hotel opens its doors in the capital city just in time for the Panama Canal's centennial celebration.

CAMBUTAL, Los Santos. Some 35,687 sea turtles have successfully been born on the beaches of Cambutal in the province of Los Santos, according to official figures of the regional environmental group Tortu-Agro. 

A new attempt to unite Panama and Colombia through a sea route is in the works for October, and its organizers say that this time the project is steaming full speed ahead. 

Panama means "abundance of fish" in an Indian language, and this fame attracts anglers from around the world. The Central American country has positioned itself as one of the main destinations for sport fishing, which has generated an annual visitor spending of over 135 million in lodging, boat rentals, and complementary activities. 

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