With street musicians and a fireworks display, the government opened up to the public the third phase of the Coastal Strip, the second megaproject inaugurated in under a week. 

This past April 8th the press conference for the event CULTURE ON WHEELS 2014 was held at Barlovento. Seated at the table of honor were Luis Milord (lead event organizer), Edissa Yau (event co-organizer), Karen Quintero (ORANGE CRUSH company manager), Erick Quezada (competition coordinator), Randy Campos (Derty manager), Rudy Waller (Panamanian freestyle motorcross athlete), and Jason Thorne (Canadian freestyle motocross athlete).

More than 60,000 tourists annually visit Boquete for its hotels and world-class attractions in the surrounding area.

The Buenaventura Golf Club in Río Hato, Coclé will host the Lexus Panama Classic tournament from May 19 to 25.

Panama City is swiftly growing and becoming more modern. The launch of the Metro's Line One revolutionizes how people can get from one side of the city to the other, making it a welcoming destination for visitors.