Vasco Núñez de Balboa's discovery of the South Sea will be the theme for various activities in our country in 2013, one of them being the capital city's Carnival. Balboa discovered the South Sea on September 29, 1513, and it now marks the 500th anniversary.

On Saturday, January 19, Chiriquí will have a new international runway, the Enrique Malek. The investment of $27.6 million for the public work will have a positive impact on the province. New hotels and more airlines are the priority demands that come with the opening of the terminal.

Painted hats, ornamental hair combs, folkloric white blouses and other traditional garments adorned the passengers at the Albrook station in Panama City waiting to board a bus bound for Las Tablas, province of Los Santos. 
First held in 2002 as an event to welcome the contestants of the Miss Universe pageant, this cultural event has now been celebrated for over a decade. Los Santos Representative Carlos Afú made sure that by late January a project will be presented to the National Assembly to turn the parade into a law of the republic and ensure its continuity. 


The Panamanian Institute of Art was founded in 1962 as a nonprofit institution dedicated to promoting the acquisition, conservation, investigation and dissemination of Latin American works of art, with an emphasis on nationally-produced art. In 1983 it was renamed the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC).