After two government administrations and nearly $1.4 million in expenses, international promotion has now begun of Panama's first country brand: The Way.
As of November 2012, some 1,698 tourists had used the free health insurance that Panama offers to its visitors. Although the report issued by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) on this service does not include cases attended in December, the figure already surpassed the 2011 records of 1,600 visitors attended.

El desfile se llevó a cabo el sábado 12 de enero,  desde las 3 de la tarde más de 11 mil polleras de diferentes modalidades recorrió las principales calles del distrito de Las Tablas.

The calendar of the Isthmus Running Club is full of extraordinary races. It kicked off on January 6 with the Three Kings race and continues on January 27 with the Odebrecht Cinta Viva. Just one race is scheduled for February, which will take place on the East Coast and have 5 and 8 kilometer distances. On March 10 there will be exciting relay races along the Coastal Strip.

It took about 12 hours to record the latest Carnival song, 'Lindo Querer', performed by the Kings of Cumbia, Samy and Sandra Sandoval.