The second Sea Festival, the first beach event held in Panama in the new year of 2013, now has its queen. Shariska Vissuette, a gorgeous Taboga resident, has been elected to preside over the festival activities on January 26 and 27, on the 'Island of Flowers.'

On the evening of Tuesday, January 8, was the election of the Queen of the Carnival of the City, themed "Discovery" this year.
Shortly before passing away at 80 years of age, Philippe Bunau-Varilla fantasized about the possibility that somebody would make a movie about his participation in the construction of the Panama Canal.
The fair board of the traditional Orange Fair has decided to postpone this event, because it coincided with this year's Carnival party. In order to not risk a drop in participation and the resulting economic losses, the date this year has been changed to March.
Panama made the commitment to host the next congress of the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) in April 2014.