Preparations underway for Tolé Fair

On March 15, more than 150 exhibitors will arrive in the district of Tolé to participate in the 8th San José de Tolé Fair. The organizing committee indicated that the region receives an economic injection of some $250,000 dollars during the five days of the fair.

Arturo Castrellón, president of the fair board, pointed out that this year they have invested nearly $30,000 dollars on upgrades to the fairgrounds to ensure that visitors will remain safe while they enjoy the fair.

Cristina Santiago, a resident, said that the fair first began eight years ago, and has since been growing, in benefit of the economy and tourism development in Tolé.

“Many people who come to Panama and Veraguas do not realize that just a few minutes off the Panamerican Highway is a town with many tourist attractions, and so this fair seeks to promote the region,” she stated.

This year more than 20,000 people are expected to attend the fair, which has turned into an alternative for those who can not travel all the way to the David International Fair.

The fair will extend until March 19. Visitors will be able to enjoy artisan and agricultural exhibitions, artistic performances and fair rides.