Artisanal work promoted at fairs

Panamanian artisans have achieved international fame, and now foreigners from countries like the United States, Mexico and Taiwan know the products made by these laborious and creative hands, ranging from textiles, molas and ceramics to traditional sweets and other foodstuffs.

For 2013, the plans to promote Panamanian artisans have not stopped, as indicated Damaris Delgado de Tribaldo, National Crafts Director of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI), who explained that the entity will continue to support Panamanian craft makers so that they may attend fairs in places like Brazil and Spain.

There are many activities on home soil too, with over 30 national fairs scheduled for  2013, according to the calendar released by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

These series of festivities started this week with the Fair in Chepo. This weekend the Festival of Flowers and Coffee in Boquete will also begin.

Beyond the entertainment and attractions offered by these events, artisans see each fair as an opportunity for sales and direct marketing to those interested in their artistic products.

Delgado de Tribaldo explained that the participation of artisans at fairs in 2012 was very significant. The entity coordinates with each fair board so that an artisan registered with the MICI is given a fair price for their craft booth, paying between 50-60 dollars for the location.

Another alternative offered by MICI is for artisans to promote and sell their crafts during the entity's participation in different fairs nationwide, without having to pay the cost of the stand.