'The Way' is already being seen abroad

After two government administrations and nearly $1.4 million in expenses, international promotion has now begun of Panama's first country brand: The Way.

Rafael Arrocha from BB&M, the advertising company that was hired by the Panama Tourism Authority to produce commercials for Panama's nation branding, said that the primary purpose of the publicity spots is to attract investment to the country.

Production of the two commercials has required an investment of $319,768, and $585,658 has been allocated for international advertising spot purchases. Unlike the tourist campaign, the country brand focuses on the city, because the idea is to show the world the changes that have taken place in the capital over just a few years, said Alvaro Alfaro, communications director of BB&M. The slogan will be used with other phrases such as “Panama, the path to fun”, depending on the target audience.

“Beyond the wording of the campaign phrase, we want to send the message that Panama is the path to find success,” Arrocha explained. He added that it is important to have continuity with the project, whether through the current or future government administration.