Tanara Fair offered new attractions

By late afternoon of Saturday, January 12, the Tanara fairgrounds in Chepo were packed with visitors.

It was the third day of activities for the meeting place of rural livelihoods in the eastern area of the province of Panama, which successfully came to a close yesterday. The fairgrounds brought together vendors of all types, from street peddlers and artisans to car dealerships and telephone companies.

Towards the back, the traditional agricultural and livestock exhibitions were being held. The auctioneer, loudspeaker in hand, encouraged bidders to offer more than the current bid of $625 for a beef cattle.

This was the fair's first cattle auction, an activity that from this year on will be held every Saturday during the fair season. Ovidio Saavedra, president of the fair board, reported that, in addition to the auction, they have scheduled a judging of quarter horses and working horses, a milking contest, lasso competition and other entertainment.

“The spirit of the fair (founded in 1979) is to show what is done in this region,” Saavedra commented, underscoring that the effort is profitable, but returns are used exclusively to maintain the site during the rest of the year.