Atalaya prepares for the Nazarene festival

City officials of the district of Atalaya, together with members of the Technical Board of Veraguas, had their first organizational meeting in preparation for the religious festivals that are held on the first weekend of Lent.

Each year, more than 250,000 people gather in Atalaya to participate in the novenas to Jesus of Nazareth; therefore, the district must be prepared to handle the large number of pilgrims. Juan Ramón Cáceres, president of the Municipal Council of Atalaya, said that every year the festival logistics must be coordinated with various entities, because each year there is a bigger turnout.

Cáceres indicated that the main issues to be coordinated are transportation, health care, security, access roads and water supply. “Of the five most sensitive topics, we have already resolved two,” the councilman explained, referring to the repaired roads.