Country brand: Panama

For decades, Panama has promoted its international image with the aim of attracting investors, tourists and visitors in general. Undoubtedly, the perception abroad has been marked by the icon of the Panama Canal, which has served as a means to inform the world about what our country is and what we offer.

The tourism sector has used logos and slogans that, with the exception of the nearly mythical "My Name is Panama" slogan, have been little remembered because, among other reasons, they had a brief presence in the market before being exchanged for something new, nor were they used as a tool by the ministries and institutions that promote Panama. It is obvious that all of the countries in the region compete for the attention to attract these markets, and that's where the concept of nation branding plays a key role in being able to identify and differentiate ourselves from the rest with a logo and slogan that manages to communicate the message of who we are, while also appealing to  our target markets to bring in tourism investment and promote exports.

Today, a country brand is a new mechanism to enhance trade opportunities, improve image, increase competitiveness and thereby accelerate the sustainable development of a country in its various projects as a nation. In late 2012, Panama launched its country brand to the world, the product of an extensive study at the national and international level and a joint effort among various government institutions and the private sector, whom reached the conclusion that "Panama The Way" is part of what the Panama Canal has represented throughout history and up to today. Panama's country brand symbolizes that we are the path to tourism and investment, and it promotes the idea that what is done in Panama is successful.

On the short term, this country brand will be advertised around the world. It will hopefully be used by all the government institutions, and even by the private sector, and will become a differentiating element to identify our strengths as a country and to generate the benefits brought about by an authentic, friendly and subtle brand. We also obviously hope that it is long remembered worldwide as our image.