Panama will host Piali congress

The love of literature is a seed that can be planted from a very tender age. The International Program to Promote Children's Literature (Piali) thus seeks to encourage reading and writing among young children.

“It is a way to instill this culture starting in childhood. You can merely try to influence an adolescent, but by training children when still very small, through the use of games, it can become a part of them,” stated Mirla Díaz, coordinator of Piali in Panama. The association will hold its 11th International Congress in Panama in April 2014.

The congress, which last year was held in Puerto Rico, will be an opportunity for current and retired teachers, librarians and museum guides to learn certain techniques for working with children, Díaz explained. As part of the activities taking place in anticipation of the global event, Piali will train students in the school Manuel María Tejada Roca.

In addition, on January 21, the Panama Piali group will welcome the international secretary of the organism, Jesuan Texidor, who will be visiting the isthmus to inspect the conference venues in Los Santos and Coclé. There will also be cultural activities like ballet, theater and musical performances. The group also receives support from the magazine Lotería, which publishes an edition dedicated to children's literature. “We seek to acquire grants from businesses to support those who want to attend the conference but do not have the means to do so,” said Alex Nieto Montilla, who works on corporate social responsibility for Piali Panama.

Many of the Piali members are elderly and they face the need to ensure generational continuity so that their work may continue, stressed Díaz.