Residents living abroad will be able to vote online

In May 2014, those Panamanians who are residing abroad and have updated their personal information will be able to cast their vote via the Internet. At a press conference yesterday, Judge Eduardo Valdés Escoffery of the Electoral Court said that this mechanism intends to expedite the voting process for residents who live outside the country.

For those who prefer, the traditional options remain of voting by mail or in person in the country. Valdés Escoffery noted that this new option is based on the French model.

In order to participate in the electoral contest to elect a new president, citizens must visit the institution's website ( and register or update their information by April 23, 2013.

The electoral roll overseas has now doubled and reached 4,196 citizens, considering that in 2009, when out-of-country voting was implemented for the first time, only 1,706 had registered.