Chiriquí is ready to receive tourists

The president of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, attended the reopening of Enrique Malek International Airport in the city of David.

Near the new air strip, the president underscored that the project will help develop the tourism industry, support agricultural exporters and allow for more places of employment in this region of the country.

“This is the best way to develop tourism in Panama, an industry that generates more than $2,500 million dollars. This public work creates a network of wealth, since the area will now need more hotels, convention centers, restaurants and many other things that are beneficial to the citizens,” expressed Martinelli.

The president also announced the construction of a dry canal between Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro, “to join the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.”

Rafael Bárcenas, director of the Civil Aviation Authority, pointed out that the new airport has first-class features and will enable the province to receive international aircraft carrying more than 200 passengers, with a total investment of approximately 31 million dollars.

Enrique Malek Burdeth, grandson of the new airport's namesake Enrique Malek, recounted how his grandfather had to build his own plane in order to achieve the title of aviator.