San Carlos selects the lobster of its festival

For 23 years the town of El Nance, in the district of San Carlos, has celebrated its Lobster Festival, an activity admired by domestic and foreign tourists that aims to exalt the arduous work of fishermen on these shores.


“The event, which began modestly two decades ago, with the participation of only a handful of artisanal fishermen, today is heavily attended and long awaited by this population and the tourists who come,” noted Maribel González, who along with her family carries out the activity, a tribute to the daily efforts of the fishermen.

She said that, in the last two years, some 100 fishermen have arrived from San Carlos, Santa Clara and Río Hato to participate with their lobsters, hoping to win one of the prizes that will ultimately aid them in their work, such as nets, ropes, buoys or rain jackets. Competitors could also be awarded domestic articles like microwaves, televisions or even bags of rice.

It is an open competition that does not require registration. Simply show up with your lobster and wait for it to be weighed and measured. The biggest creature, measured from the tail to the front antennas, is the winner.


Edgar Bethancourth is a young fisherman who spent a whole week looking for the largest lobster. What he caught on the beach at San Carlos weighed in at five pounds, measuring 17 inches long.

He expressed his satisfaction with the festival that awards the work of fishermen.

José Rodríguez, in his second year competing, came in second place. In his search for exclusivity, he revealed that he went off the beaten track for his catch, managing to capture one a little ways from the beach in a place known as La Pacora. 

He said he was happy to see many fishermen gathered, encouraging each other, celebrating and enjoying a moment together with other men who daily risk their lives at sea.

A small business owner of the sector, Saturnino Córdoba, was named contest judge to evaluate, observe and measure each of the fifty lobsters that participated in the competition.

Córdoba reported that the festival organizers opted to award the eight fishermen who brought in the biggest lobsters, since giving a prize to only the top three would be unfair.