Flag-raising kicks off the Carnival fun

At the Party Zone on the Amador Causeway, the flag of "Carnival of the City, Discovery 2013" was hoisted up into a sunny sky. The Carnival culecos, or water trucks, were on hand to cool off the summer crowds in the way that Panamanians do best. 

Queen Virginia Hernández and her princesses Rocío Lezcano and Nabil González,  bedecked in summer colors, beamed at the audience.

Recall that for this year's Carnival, the government has offered $2.7 million dollars for the four-day party.

It kicked off just an hour after high noon, and out on the boulevard two trucks with tanks or water did their best to refresh the crowd, who did not hesitate in showing off their latest seasonal attire: hats, sunglasses, shorts, t-shirts and sandals.

The orchestra Arena Blanca, accompanied by Roberto 'Hands of Stone' Duran, was the first band to come out.

Samy and Sandra Sandoval, Los Rabanes, RD Maravilla, Aldo Ranks and Real Phantom, also performed and got the whole audience singing along and dancing to their catchiest songs.

It was a total success, allowing people to enjoy the summer with friends and inaugurate the festivities everyone has been waiting for, the Carnival presided by King Momo. What fun!