City Hall relaunches Mi Pueblito by raising the Carnival of the City flag

The raising of the flag of the Carnival of the City, "Discovery 2013", at Mi Pueblito, on Wednesday night, January 30th, served to set the framework for the re-launching of this important tourist center located on the slopes of Ancón Hill in the capital city.

Starting today, Mi Pueblito will host high-caliber musical and artistic performances with both style and tradition to entertain audiences of nationals and foreigners, confirmed the City Hall, which along with the company GaitanBros Production, are developing a strategic plan with the objective of adding an even more cultural ambience to this tourist site, part of which is the organization of 24 shows.

The various activities that will convert this site into a unique venue to have fun commenced on Wednesday January 30th at 6:00 in the evening with the flag-raising and presentation of Her Majesty Virginia Hernández and princesses Nabir González and Rocío Lezcano. Other events on the agenda include artistic performances by the ballet dancer Elisa de Céspedes, the group Avenida 5 that will play live music and also the girl band Vive la Música who cover rock from the 1980s.

Nights at Mi Pueblito will also include a touch of drumming, cumbia, native Indian dances and traditional congo dances, among the main attractions in the most emblematic activities of Panamanian folklore.

The strategic plan also includes providing tourism services in alliance with tour operators and promoting those services offered through the facilities of Mi Pueblito, thus preserving these public spaces that are of great value and interest for maintaining the attractiveness of the capital city.

As of today, Mi Pueblito will become a window into the dreamworld and cultural costumes of our ethnic groups, representing the roots of folklore and Panamanian land, inspired by the most indigenous traditions of the country.