Carnival at the City Itinerary

A 20% increase in participation is expected in CARNIVAL OF THE CITY 2013, and therefore the national government has allocated a budget of 2,750,000.00 balboas to be spent primarily on the priority issues of participants' safety and health, as well as the show itself.

The following themes have been designated for each day of CARNIVAL OF THE CITY "DISCOVERY":

  • Friday: Coronation of the new Carnival Queen

This year, as an innovation by the Panama Tourism Authority, an agreement was made with the Miss Panama Organization to elect the new Miss World not only to represent Panama in the international pageant, but also to reign as the next Carnival Queen and Ambassador of Tourism. Therefore, the queen that Panama chose on January 8 will fully represent all Panamanians.

  • Saturday: Biodiversity

Our ecology in all its forms will be the theme of this day, as we anticipate the conclusion of the immense work of Biomuseum that will explore our origins and pay tribute to the important role of our flora and fauna.

  • Sunday: Ethnicity

Our rich ethnic diversity and folk heritage will be fully celebrated with performances of all of our national dances and music on one stage.

  • Monday: The Worlds

Panama is today an ever more international country, and as such we invite all cultures of the world to participate in our carnival on this day.

  • Tuesday: Leaving a Mark

Since the discovery of the South Sea, Panama became, and continues to be, a crucial player in global development.

The Show

  • The traditional culecos have just as much water and good cheer to spray on everyone. They will refresh crowds on Mexico Avenue parallel to Balboa Avenue from 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. from Saturday the 9th to Tuesday, February 13th.
  • Not just one, but two stages will host performances. The first is located in front of the fish market and the other where the stage of memories was last year.
  • Daily parades will be held from 5:30 to 8:00, starting from the Seafood Market.
  • This year we will have an additional stage for the press so that they may achieve the best photos and videos of this fabulous show. Once the parade finishes, this stage will be used to entertain all of the participants with electronic music.
  • Congo dancing groups, street musicians and performers will be present during the four days of carnival.

ROAD CLOSURES- Carnival of the City, Discovery 2013.

FYI: these detours are the same as last year.

The route from 23rd Street East (Seafood Market) to 32nd Street (Atalaya Building) will be closed. Four entrances will remain open, 3 for the general public: seafood market street, 28th (former metro theater), 32nd Street (Atalaya Building), and an entrance for suppliers, street vendors, vehicles, etc. (25th Street).