"Survivor Turkey" in Panama

The reality show will be filmed on the Isthmus with a $3 million dollar budget.

Panama continues to be a much sought-after destination in the world of Hollywood producers, particularly those of reality TV shows, as is the case with the next project of filming "Survivor Turkey". This television program, which has a budget of $3 million dollars, will be filmed in our country this year, announced Arianne Benedetti, director of the Panama Film Commission.

“It is a very favorable project for the Isthmus, because it will be watched internationally. Thus the world will get to see how beautiful the virgin rain forests are in Panama,” she explained.

Although the filming dates have not yet been announced, it was revealed that Bocas del Toro will be one of the paradises where the reality participants will compete.

"Survivor" is an extremely famous program in international television, wherein several teams compete on tough challenges in order to earn thousands of dollars. “We need more projects like this in the country to make ourselves known. There are hundreds of places that could be exploited in this way. This year we hope to secure many projects,” expressed Benedetti. In these types of programs, the participants have to survive by eating and sleeping in the jungle, and must also deal with being distanced from their families for a long period of time.