Argentinean Óscar Galíndez wins Ironman 70.3 Panama

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With a time of 2:15:52, on Sunday Óscar Galíndez from Argentina became the new Ironman 70.3 Panama.

The cycling race was what gave him a leading edge over the other competitors. The athlete surpassed all expectations, thus winning the 2nd Ironman 70.3 Panama.

This sporting event began in the morning early on Sunday, February 3. Swimming was the first race, and had to start a few minutes late as some vessels were still traveling on their water route.

The IronMan championship registered the participation of 800 athletes from around the world, 150 of which were Panamanian triathletes, who decided to take part in this second Latin American championship that takes place on canal land.

Athletes ranging from 18 to 70 years old competed in this race, which lasted eight hours.

This event is one of the four global championships and over 60 world events held in order to qualify for the World Ironman 70.3, to be held in Henderson, Nevada in the United States in September.