Sculptures, drawings and murals among art forms to be displayed at first Biennial of the South in Panama

In commemoration of the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of the South Sea, the Mayor of Panama City, together with the Arts and Cultural Development Advisor Luz Botero, launched the First Biennial of the South in Panama 2013 "Summoning Worlds" at a reception held at the Marriott. The informative evening event was attended by prominent figures in the business, political and cultural arenas, organizers and sponsors of this grand cultural showcase and special guests.

The committee chair, Roxana Méndez, announced the preparations that are in place for this event, which will be held for the first time from April 15 to May 30 in different areas around Panama City. The purpose of this project is to recognize, promote and encourage artistic creativity and promote new trends in visual arts in the cultural and urban environment.

The 300 national and international artists who will participate in this exhibition will reflect on the relationship among topics of violence, economy, water and travel, through the artistic mediums of painting, drawing, performance, sculpture, mural, film and photography. Following the announcement, the host and guest were invited to enjoy a delicious dinner.

La Estrella - Jaime Lucar