Fair finished a success

The XLII Veraguas Fair, held in Soná, came to a close last Sunday with very successful records. During the 10-day event, which began on Friday, February 15, the fair exhibited folkloric, cultural and agricultural activities. 

Iván de Ycaza, president of the fair board, did not have the exact figures tallied, but was sure that they totally surpassed those of 2012, when profits reached $40,000 and 71,000 people attended.

He said that they managed to improve the levels of safety, lighting, visibility and family participation, thus achieving that change of image that they have always sought.

The fair president said that one of their biggest goals is to drive tourism, in order to achieve a better economy year-round for those families who depend on this type of commercial activity.

Claudia Espino, a handicrafts vendor, pointed out that this fair is always a great opportunity to earn some income, due to the consistently high numbers of attendance.