Panamanian filmmaker with international acclaim

Just as Panama is now working to sell itself as an excellent filming location in the world of cinema, one young Panamanian is making as much of an effort to gain ground in an even more competitive field at the international level. Eric Iglesias recently submitted his short film 'Lucy' to be evaluated at the prestigious 66th Cannes Festival in France.

'Lucy', written and directed by Iglesias, narrates in 16 minutes the family drama of Tony, a teenager who suddenly finds himself orphaned and with nowhere to live. Iglesias commented that in his film, the protagonist embarks on a journey, with the help of his friends, to find a brother he never met and with the hope of finding a new home.

The filmmaker said that he feels optimistic that his film could be chosen as a winner and is now processing all the necessary paperwork.

“It has taken me some time to get started as a filmmaker, both in preparation and learning. I live and work in Los Angeles, United States, to pursue this desire that is now taking shape with the participation of 'Lucy' in Cannes,” said Iglesias.

In May, the young filmmaker will also represent Panama at the Las Vegas International Film Festival (VIFF) with another short film called 'A day in the park', partially filmed in New York's Central Park.