In search of a tourism strategy

Tourist agencies in Chiriquí have been asked to prioritize 14 aspects that are key to strengthening this industry. Knowing which tourism projects are present in this province, training the hospitality businesses, providing signage and statistics and improving the security and cleanliness services at Paso Canoas are some of the points to be addressed.

This petition came about from the tourism campaign that began a few months ago in this province, called 'Chiriquí, an adventure'.

Idu Ribeiro, president of the Tourism Commission, pointed out that the Chiriquí region is very rich in attractions and has much to offer.

“We have the potential, but we have to prioritize working on Paso Canoas, organizing the logistics and the connection with Central America. Security is very important once we eliminate the need to carry a passport to travel between the two countries, so that it does not present any problem in the future,” claimed Ribeiro.

Manuel Reyes Sicilia, president of the Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce, explained that one of the strategies is to have a border that is open 24 hours for Costa Ricans and Panamanians to freely enter both countries without having to show a passport, whether by ground transportation or on international flights.

Tourism Minister Salomón Shamah emphasized how the recently inaugurated Enrique Malek airport will receive new international flights, and that the logistical issue to coordinate tourist transit in the area of Paso Canoas is up for discussion.