National Orange Fair Opens

With over 25 fair tents from various rural communities and the support of government entities, the XXXII National Orange Fair in Churuquita Chiquita, in northern Penonomé, starts today.

The fair will open at seven in the evening, and each tent is expected to have an abundant supply of oranges at good prices, since the farmers say that it has been a good year for growing this and other citrus crops.

A month ago, Milagros Rivera was selected by a jury in an activity where the supporters of one of the candidates showed their disagreement with the decision, but Onofre Núñez, president of the fair board, stated that the decision is final.

Núñez said that thousands of people are expected to attend the fair, which ends on March 3. The fair operations cost some $26,000 dollars, but is backed by many sponsors.