Immigration prepares for their Melting Pot

The famous Melting Pot fairs organized by the National Immigration Service will continue throughout 2013, with the first fair of this year slated for the month of May, informed Anabel Ávila, an official at the immigration entity.

Ávila said that fairs will once again be held in the Roberto Duran Gymnasium, where all foreigners without legal status in Panama can attend.

She added that around 10,000 foreigners usually attend each of these fairs.

Ávila stated that thus far in this administration, some 25,000 people have received legal permission to stay in the country, of which 50% are Colombians, followed by Venezuelans, Dominicans and Central Americans.

The majority of those foreigners who are denied approval of their documents to stay legally in Panama is because they failed to fulfill certain requirements with paperwork or did not have sufficient funds to pay for the filing process.

The official added that they can always re-apply for the next fair, as long as they meet all the requirements.

Ávila noted that they are continuing to work on perfecting the migration process, in order to ease these legal processes.

“The institution is working to streamline procedures in this issue,” she said. Ávila made these remarks at a roundtable discussion for lawyers organized by APEDE, the Panamanian Association of Business Executives.