Chiriquí seeks to set itself apart as a tourist paradise

For many domestic and foreign tourists, the province of Chiriquí is an idyllic paradise. The diverse landscapes, from beaches and rivers to mountains, combined with a pleasant climate, make it the perfect place to have a good time. 

Idu Ribeiro, president of the Tourism Committee of the Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the city's 2,000 rooms, whether in hotels, hostels, cabins or lodges, are 100% full during the San José de David Carnival and Fair.

“The hotels offer a complete tourist package, including activities on the beach or in the mountains, fishing, bird-watching, hiking trails and canopy, which means wholesome fun for those visitors who wish to enjoy a family vacation,” he said.

Ribeiro added that prices range depending on the hotel, hostels or cabin, and whether they include breakfast, lunch and activity packages.

Many foreigners

Foreigners, such as Americans, Spaniards and Brazilians, take advantage of the fishing packages offered by some hostels and hotels located in the Boca Chica region, in the district of San Lorenzo.

Other tourists, like those from Venezuela, Colombia and Costa Rica, make use of their visit to establish business contacts. By far the largest number of foreigners are Costa Ricans, thanks to a tourism promotion campaign held in this country, easy ground transportation and shopping attractions in Panama. 

The city of David lures shoppers with its well-known franchise companies, and visitors can stay the night there or easily travel from David to the other main hotels in Boquete and Bugaba.

Cross-border tourism

Manuel Reyes, President of the Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the opportunities Costa Rica offers for developing tourism, by conducting promotional campaigns and setting up an international tourism office in David or Panama City.

“We need to resolve problems like the lack of a direct flight and the inefficient service provided by Immigration, Customs and SENAFRONT officials,” he pointed out.