Rudolph Giuliani coming to Panama in May

The former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, will visit Panama City in mid-May as a guest keynote speaker on 'Building a secure society' at the opening event of the International Security Fair (FISEG Panama) to be held in ATLAPA.

Giuliani was hired by the Panamanian group Heavencorp, the company organizing  Panama FISEG, which will assemble the leading manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and end users of equipment and solutions for physical, electronic, computer, banking and transportation security, as well as emergency disaster relief, industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

The International Security Fair will begin on May 14 with a keynote speech by Giuliani, dubbed 'America's mayor', in the Anayansi Theater of ATLAPA, followed by a gala dinner in his honor. From May 15 to 17, more than 200 companies dedicated to the protection of persons and corporations, their heritage, information security and occupational safety will exhibit their services at this commercial fair. 

Although Giuliani became a globally-recognized figure for his leadership in rebuilding New York after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, his main achievement as a mayor was reducing crime in this city.

In his eight years in office, from 1994 to 2001, Giuliani changed the face of New York, converting it from what was considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world into the safest in the United States, according to FBI records, said the President of Heavencorp, Jean Marcel Chéry.

By the close of the Giuliani administration, overall crime in New York had shrunk to 65% and homicides to 70%.

“Giuliani applied the fundamental criteria of the 'broken window theory' to solve security issues in New York City. Simply put, this theory states that if a delinquent breaks the window of a car or house in a neighborhood, and if by the next day it has not been fixed nor is there any consequence for this offense, within a few days there will be more broken windows and in a few weeks this will result in more crimes, vandalism and urban disorder. During his administration, Giuliani stood firm on his position of 'zero tolerance' for crime, and this led to unprecedented results in reducing crime,” stated Chéry.

In Panama, security is the second most important issue for the citizens, according to opinion polls run by Unimer, Dichter & Neira, Ipsos and Cid Gallup. Given this case, we believe that Giuliani has much to offer and that we have much to learn from a mayor who was singularly effective in the fight against crime, said Chéry.