UK and Panama are united

In her year thus far as Panama's ambassador in London, Ana Irene Delgado has succeeded in promoting our country. Last year she invited the Panamanian chef Mario Castrellón to put on the first Panamanian Food Festival. “He exhibited Panamanian dishes at the Hilton Hotel in London, and everyone had the opportunity to really discover what Panamanian food is like. It was so well-received, that they were asking him when he would open a restaurant there,” recalled Delgado.

Last February, she arranged for four emerging designers to participate in the International Fashion Showcase, sponsored by the British Fashion Council. And a performance by the baritone singer Ricardo Velásquez in her project 'Voices of Panama', to be held in London towards the end of 2013, has already been confirmed with the Foreign Ministry of Panama.

“It is important to go around knocking on the doors to [Panamanian] music, fashion and gastronomy until they open, because that is one way to promote tourism abroad,” she said. “The United Kingdom is the largest investor in Panama, and we are working closely with the British Embassy in Panama to bring more British brands to Panama, like Burberry, Barbour and several others, following the path of Lush, which has already arrived here,” concluded Delgado.