ANAM consults public on new amphitheater

In two weeks, the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) looks to approve the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the convention center that will be built along the Amador Causeway.

On March 5, the entity inspected the potential construction site and opened a public consultation to determine if there was any disapproval of the building that is slated to be built on an 11-hectare lot located behind the Figali Convention Center.

The public consultation yielded no objections to the public work that will cost $193.7 million and will be built by the consortium HPC-Contrata-P&V, made of the companies HPC (Panama), Soluciones Arquitectónicas (Costa Rica), P&V (Panama), Heliopol (Spain) y Quality Construction (Puerto Rico).

The consortium has already conducted topographical studies and at this moment is working on the final project design. The convention center will be a turnkey construction project, and the next administration will be responsible for paying the debts incurred in 2015.