David Fair approaches

The 58th International David Fair is ready to welcome over 300,000 visitors to the 10 day-fair that this year begins March 14 and extends through the 24th.

The fair board affirmed that this activity not only promotes tourism in Chiriquí, but also injects more than $30 million dollars into the provincial economy and creates more than 400 jobs during the ten days of the fair.

This year renovations were made on the fairground infrastructure with an investment that reached $250,000 dollars.

Roberto Barría, president of the fair board, indicated that they expect to generate nearly $700,000 dollars from admission fees alone. 

Some 617 exhibitors from Europe, the United States, South America and Central America are ready to put their diverse products on display at the fair.

Fernanda Castillo, a resident of the city of David, said that fair season always brings good earnings for merchants set up both inside and outside the fairgrounds.

It was learned that nearly $181,000 dollars has been invested to pay the wages of direct jobs at this tourist activity, and around $76,000 dollars to cover the fees of national artists. The price of admission from Monday to Friday is $1.50 for adults, while on the weekends it will be $2.00.

Source: www.elsiglo.com