Everything ready for IDB assembly

On the day before the start of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), its president Luis Alberto Moreno toured the construction site of the new Panama Canal locks on the Atlantic coast.

Accompanied by a group from the IDB, Moreno observed the progress of the public works project on site and later wrote on his Twitter account, “Today I visited the monumental work of the Panama Canal expansion: 52 cranes, 7,000 construction workers and an amount of steel equivalent to 19 Eiffel towers.”

The IDB is one of the entities that is financing this civil work project.

Meanwhile, yesterday Salomón Shamah, administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, and Frank De Lima, Minister of Economy and Finance, inspected the infrastructure remodeling planned for the Atlapa Convention Center, the venue for the IDB meeting.

At a press conference it was announced that the investment for construction comes to a sum of around $2 million, which includes upgrades to event rooms, halls and theaters, among other modifications.

The IDB event, one of the biggest of the year, will attract 6,000 tourists to Panama and fill more than 3,000 rooms among various hotels in Panama City.

Source: www.laestrella.com.pa