Holiday on the high seas

Start planning your vacation, because the next cruise season starts in September. Panama has one of the most important ports in the Caribbean, its Colón 2000 Port.

For the past three years, shipping companies have chosen this as the best port of embarkation.

In the operational year of 2012 to 2013, more than 45,000 passengers boarded a ship at the Home Port. Cruise ships by Pullmantur and other cruise lines were completely booked, according to information from the Panama Tourism Authority.

This cruise season is expected to be good, as 120 cruises are slated to arrive or leave the Colón 2000 Port from September of this year until April 2014.

Cruise ships like Island or Coral on the Princess Cruises line will cross over Gatún Lake to show those aboard the canal's system of locks before pulling into Colón 2000.

To meet the ever-growing demand of travelers for cruises, Panama has decided to increase its number of cruise routes and extend the 2013-2014 cruise tourism season.

Strategic location

The country's robust maritime activity and numerous tourism attractions make Panama a mandatory stop-over for ships cruising the Caribbean sea every year. Moreover, Panama's geographical position makes it a strategic point and serves as a decisive factor in cruise tourism.

The tourism boom that Panama is undergoing has turned Colón Port into a major shipping center, which is now adding two more cruise routes and extending the season longer than usual. Pullmantur, with its cruise ship Monarch, is the only cruise line that carries out a complete annual season from our waters.

On a cruise

Members of the media went on a cruise aboard Pullmantur's Monarch to announce what to expect from this new cruise season.

This line departs Colón every Friday for an 8-day and 7-night cruise to the destinations of Cartagena in Colombia, Aruba, La Guaira in Venezuela, and Curaçao, and provide passengers with 2 days of sailing to enjoy the ship's spa, pools, jacuzzi, and onboard activities.

This grand floating hotel provides year-round service.