Companies awarded for boosting tourism at the First Tourism Gala of Panama

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Two businessmen in the tourism sector, Enrique Pesantez and Moisés Veliz, were honored in the Trajectory category in the award ceremony at the Huaca de Oro First Tourism Gala of the Panama Chamber of Tourism (CAMTUR) held ​​last Thursday at the Hotel Westin on Costa del Este near the capital city.

In the category of Investment and Promotion, Decameron Hotels was awarded for having transformed the beach area at Farallón, in Coclé Province, by building a resort with 800 rooms, villas, and golf courses.

Good cruise management

The winner in the third category was Aventuras 2000 for the company's social responsibility with cruise operations in the city of Colón.

Jaime Campuzano, the CAMTUR President, said that they organize the Tourism Gala in order to recognize the efforts companies in the sector make to drive development of the industry without chimneys in the country.

Panama is proving itself to be one of the countries with the greatest potential for tourism in Central America, due to its natural beauty, booming real estate industry, and cultural wealth that includes diverse ethnic groups living in indigenous districts.

The Central American country estimates that 2.2 million tourists will arrive in 2013 in response to its aggressive campaign to promote it as a destination with modern infrastructure for air and cruise lines.



Photos: Benicio González