Majority of tourists in Panama come from South America

A total of 2,086,000 tourists entered Panama throughout 2012, and of these 1,478,000 or 70% arrived via Tocumen International Airport, coming mostly from South American countries that do not use the U.S. dollar as currency, according to figures from the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP).

These figures show a 12.8% increase in movement at the Tocumen airport alone, compared to 2011.

For Juan Carlos Pino, general manager of Tocumen International Airport, a priority for the isthmus is to continue growing in the tourism sector. "We are very pleased to receive the services of Travelex in our facilities, since their currency exchange stores will strengthen and consolidate our global growth as an air terminal."

He further emphasized that at present 20,000 passengers daily travel from Tocumen, the largest entry point into the country.

In second place is the port, which granted entry to 334,000 tourists in 2012, a 22.1% drop from the previous year. Thirdly, there is the border town of Paso Canoas, where 169,000 visitors from Costa Rica passed into Panama in 2012, a decrease of 3.1%. The possibility of installing more money houses at these sites has not been ruled out.

The above figures are evidence that every day more tourists prefer to enter through the gates of Tocumen, and that despite a reduced inflow from alternative entry points the tourist arrivals continue their upward trend.

In 2012 the country received 4.1% more tourists than in 2011, according to the latest study by the ATP.