In November, Panama dresses patriotically

This month is a great time to walk the streets of Panama, now proudly festooned with the red, white, and blue of the national flag. The main avenues will be scenes of festivity with gallant, beautiful, and very colorful parades of marching bands, government representatives, and students from public and private schools around the country dressed in attractive costumes that reflect the nation's folklore and patriotism.

A wonderful blend of songs and verses recall the history of independence and separation in order to commemorate 11O years of Republican order.

Panama has become a melting pot as many foreigners see in our isthmus a successful destination. One of the lures is its rich culture and cuisine, which you can sample during this patriotic holiday season in the regions of Azuero, Colón, Chorrera, and Chiriquí. In these places and nationwide the customs and traditions of our country are displayed, and diverse delegations participate in patriotic expressions in honor of Panama.